Columbus All-Breed Training Club

"We teach you to train your dog"

CATC membership is a worthwhile investment for you, your family, and your dog(s). Members pay dues once per year and (among other benefits) can train as many dogs and attend as many classes as they would like all year long. Note that the membership belongs to the person, not the dog; a CATC member could bring every dog in their neighborhood to classes every night of the week if they wanted to! Annual membership dues are:

$100 - for a single membership

$120 - for a family membership (any 2 adults in the same household, and children under the age of 18)

$25 - for a junior membership (any child age 12 to 17) 

There are 3 possible ways to join CATC:

  • Complete the Beginning Obedience class
  • Rejoin after being a member in good standing within the last 2 dues years
  • Transfer (bring your dog to the club and demonstrate that you have already achieved the level of proficiency and knowledge equivalent to our Beginning Obedience class.  Please send an email to if you wish to schedule a Transfer test.) 

Upon completing the Beginning Obedience class, your instructor will give you an Application for Elected Membership.  The application must be filled out, signed by 2 members (your instructors), and sent to the Elected Membership Chair with the appropriate annual dues.  The instructor can also assist in helping you pay online for Elected Membership.

You may apply to rejoin the club (provided you were a member in good standing within the previous 2 years) by submitting a new application, signed by 2 current members, along with the required dues.
If your dog is already trained beyond the beginner level, you may apply for membership using the "transfer" method. To do so, you must make an appointment with the Director of Training,  to take a skills assessment test.  You and your dog will come to the training club at the appointed time and perform a sub-novice obedience routine to demonstrate that you have mastered all the beginning obedience exercises. 
Once you pass the test, the Director of Training will sign off on your application and you may then submit it to the Membership Chair along with the appropriate annual dues, plus a onetime $120 transfer-in fee.  If you do not pass the test, there is no fee.
Once the application is received, you will be sent a letter and a receipt.  The CATC Board of Directors will vote on your application at its next scheduled meeting.  During the time between submitting the application and formal acceptance by the club, you have full membership training privileges, except for voting. You will be sent another letter and a membership card shortly after being voted into the club by the Board.