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Premium is now posted for the Oct. 9-11 Fast CAT Trial - See the Events Tab

Premium is now posted for the Sept. 25 - 27 Agility Trial - See the Events Tab

There are new rules for Bldg B usage. EVERY member must sign off that they have read them. See either your ADOT or Instructor.

We are excited to announce that CATC has been given permission from the Health Department to open for member classes on a limited basis.  

See the Members Only page for further information on available member classes.

For Apprentice Membership, consult the Classes section for Puppy Kindergarten and Beginning Obedience information.  

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All class attendees must complete and sign the COVID-19 Affidavit Agreement availablehere.

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 Bark less, train more !

Premium is now posted for the Oct. 31-Nov. 1 Barn Hunt Trial at CATC - See the Events Tab.

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