Columbus All Breed Training Club

A 501c7 Social Club.  Dues or donations are not tax deductible.

2164 Williams Road, Columbus OH 43207

(614) 491-7407

There are new rules for Bldg B usage. EVERY member must sign off that they have read them. See either your ADOT or Instructor.

Upcoming Events - Check out the Events Tab!


Agility Trial Oct. 1-3 (Incredipaws) - Entries closed

Fast CAT Trial Oct. 15-17 (K9 Splash Zone) - Now open! -  Premium posted!

Barn Hunt Trial Oct. 29-31 (CATC) - Now open! - Premium posted!

​Obedience/Rally Trial Nov. 13-14 (CATC) - Now open! - Premium posted!

Scent Work Trial Nov. 20-21 (CATC)

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Effective August 11th, in consideration of the rising COVID-19 infections and the advisory issued by Columbus Public Health, CATC will require a mask be worn at all times when inside the buildings.  We recognize masks are inconvenient and we will continue to monitor the situation.  Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated!

Bark less, train more!

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Welcome to CATC!

Columbus All-Breed Training Club

"We teach you to train your dog"