​Columbus All-Breed Training Club

One of the goals of Columbus All-Breed Training Club is to promote responsible pet ownership. To this end, we offer a Beginner Obedience class and a Puppy Kindergarten Class.  A polite, well-trained dog can be a much more enjoyable member of the family and community. The dog can participate in more family activities, be a welcome addition when company comes, and a joy to spend time with no matter the occasion. On the other hand, a dog that exhibits poor household manners and/or will not listen to its owners, can be frustrating to live with and difficult to include in family life.

The goal of our classes is to provide owners with basic obedience control over their dog. We feel a well-mannered dog should be properly socialized with different dogs and people, come when called, walk quietly next to you on leash, and not be disruptive at home. We are proud to say the majority of veterinarians in the central Ohio area highly recommend our classes.  With a little time and effort on your part, your dog can meet the above goals.

Please click on one of above links for more information on specific classes. We hope you will allow us to show you how to help your dog become a happy, well-adjusted member of your family!