The purpose of the off lead control class is to help dogs learn to respond reliably to basic commands when off leash or in highly distracting environments. Special emphasis is placed on the dog’s existing come, sit, down and stay commands while a new “by-me” (stay in my vicinity although not necessarily in heel position) command is taught. This class will benefit those handlers who cannot currently participate in the many dog sports that require their dogs to be off lead.


1. Dog under control and able to perform all the basic commands while on leash.
2. Dog not reactive or aggressive toward other dogs.



The hunter retrieve class introduces handlers and dogs to the basic exercises a dog must perform to earn their first AKC hunt title. Depending on each dog’s level of profiency, they may work on distance, blind or double retrieves as well as hand and whistle commands.

Please note that this class is held outdoors so there could be issues with weather, tall grass, insects, etc.


1. Dog able to work off leash.
2. Dog able to perform a reliable, basic obedience dumbbell retrieve.


The retrieve class teaches the formal dumbbell retrieve required in the Open obedience classes and provides the basis for what dogs needs to be successful in flyball, hunt work, and other sports requiring a solid retrieve. The dogs separately learn the three basic parts of a retrieve (take it, hold and give) and by the end of class can put them together into a competition retrieve.

Depending on the dog, handlers can expect this to be one of the toughest classes they have ever taken. It requires daily practice and as we jokingly say in class, “a handler who is more stubborn than their dog”.

Pre-requisites: none


The attention class is the first step in teaching a dog to do focused, heads up, high performance heeling (as in maintaining perfect heel position and never taking his eyes off the handler).
Using both operant and classical conditioning, the dog is given a new definition of the heel command and what he should do while in heel position. It should be noted that for the first four to five weeks of class, all work is done in a stationary position so that the dog can fully grasp the concept. The class requires lot of practice and focus from the dog and handler and may be considered too much work unless the team truly desires to improve their heeling.


1. Dog able to perform a 30 second sit stay.
2. Will not miss more than 1 class in the session (each class builds heavily on the previous week).
3. Willing to do daily practice sessions
4. Not participating in any other classes that require dog to be in heel position.


At the conclusion of Attention I the dog and handler are able to do perfectly focused, straight line heeling and the Attention II class picks up where the Attention I class leaves off. Each week a different piece of heeling (ie – about turns, fast, sit at halt, etc.) is introduced and handlers are given multiple ways to practice it and incorporate it into their focused heeling work. By the end of the session, all aspects of heeling have been covered.

Pre-requisites: 1. Successful completion of Attention I.

We occasionally offer an Earth Dog run through class.Check the schedule frequently for dates.


The clicker class introduces handlers to the theories of operant conditioning that make clicker training a fun and rewarding experience for the dog. Emphasis is placed on how to elicit a behavior, when to click, how to assign a command to a behavior once it is established and how to move to a random schedule of reward.  No attempt is made to teach any specific commands. Instead, each dog and handler team develop a behavior on their own then work towards putting it on command.

Pre-requisite: none


The tracking class introduces the novice dog and handler to tracking. It teaches handlers how to lay a track and introduces dogs to the concept of following a track. The AKC rules for tracking tests are also discussed as well as article indication work. By the end of the session dogs should be able to run a one turn track with distance.

Please note that this class is held outside so there could be issues with weather, tall grass, insects, etc.

Pre-requisite: none

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