Columbus All-Breed Training Club

"We teach you to train your dog"


6:00 PM

Barnhunt Open/Sr

​Jessica Quinn

7:00 PM

Barnhunt Novice

Kristi Phillips

8:00 PM

Intro to Barn Hunt

Keri Ensign

Ring 1Ring 2
6:00 PM

Scent Work Int. Level 1

Intro to Odor

​Joyce Charron

Agility Run thru
7:00 PM

Scent Work Beg. Level 2

Intro to Scent Work

Joyce Charron

Agility Run thru
8:00 PM

Scent Work

Intro to Handle Disc

Matt Leist

Agility Run thru

Building A

Due to the high demand for member classes, all member classes will have a lottery to determine of those who signed up, who will get a spot in class.  The deadline to sign up for classes is Friday, August 27th.  The lottery will be drawn and posted on Saturday, August 28th. The sign up link for classes can be found in the member section of the website.


Ring 1
Ring 2
Ring 3
6:00 PM

Member Beginners

Becky Price

Closed Ring

Rally Nov/Adv

Marilyn KUchta

7:00 PM

Ann Leist

Closed Ring

Rally Ex/Master

Margaret Reagon



Ann Leist

Closed RingAdv Beginners
Megan Dietrick

Building B

​​​​On site Assistant Director of Training (ADOT): Ann Leist

Orientation for Beg Aug 29, 2022

Classes run Aug 29, 2022 - Oct 17 2022

​Next session - Orientation Oct 24,2022  classes begin Oct 31, 2022

You must be a member and pre-register for these classes

​* pre-registration required