7:00 PM

Barn hunt Nov/Open

Rose Dunn

8:00 PM

Barn Hunt Sr/Master 

​Rose Dunn

Ring 1Ring 2Ring 3 (agility)
6:00 PM

Scent Work HD

Matt Leist

Member Beginners

Marilyn Kuchta

7:00 PM

Adv Beginners

Ann Leist

8:00 PM

Adv. Beginners

Jane Wilber


Marget Regan

Building A


8:oo PM

Scent Work-Buried​

LeeAnn Whaley

Ring 1
Ring 2
Ring 3
6:00 PM

Begining Rally

Ann Leist

7:00 PM


8:00 PM


Alicia Bismore


Building B

​​​​On site Assistant Director of Training (ADOT): Ann Leist

Orientation for Beg 

Classes April 1, 2024

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