Columbus All-Breed Training Club was founded in 1953 by 12 people who wanted to train dogs away from home in a public setting. Over the years, our training location moved to Glenwood Shelter House, Skidmore School, Dana Avenue School, and the Ohio State Fairgrounds where we spent the next 25 years. Finally, in 1979, our current location at 2164 Williams Road, Columbus, Ohio, was purchased.  It was originally a country and western cocktail lounge, but was easily converted to fit our needs as a training facility. 

After establishing ourselves in our current home, our membership continued to grow and by the early 1990's we were bursting at the seams. We needed more space to train as our agility program was getting into full swing, and we wanted to be able to hold our competition events on our own property.  We began construction on a second building in 1996 and completed it the same year.  Since then, we have continued to grow and expand our training classes. We have added many specialty classes, as well as hold AKC and BHA Trials at our facility such as Agility, Obedience, Rally,  Earth Dog, Barn Hunt, Scent Work, and Canine Good Citizen Tests.

We have a membership of over 500, a training staff of 75, and 2 air conditioned and heated training buildings that allow us to hold up to 6 indoor classes at a time.  Building B has recently been updated with turf flooring.  There are also 2 outdoor fenced rings available for classes and enclosed space for Barn Hunt.

​Columbus All-Breed Training Club