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​Columbus All-Breed Training Club

Class Registration Form

This form is required to sign up for either our Puppy Class or Beginning Obedience classes. The application consists of multiple pages. 

The first page provides a list of general requirements for both Beginning Obedience and Puppy Kindergarten along with a description of each class, the fee for Apprentice Membership, and a place to mark which class you wish to attend.

The second page requests your demographic information (name, address, etc.) for registering for the class along with an explanation of the restrictions and conditions for attending.

The "WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND ACCEPTANCE OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AGREEMENT" begins on the second page and the signature agreeing to these terms is on the third page.

Page four is a form for vaccination history of your dog which must be completed and signed by your veterinarian, or provide proof of your vet bills showing the necessary shots as noted on the form for your type of class. This must be submitted in order for you to attend the first session in your training class. This is important for the safety and health of not only your pet but all the other pets that come to CATC.

The fifth page is a brief questionnaire to help us know more about you and your dog so we can make your experience a fun and successful one.


Please access the appropriate form and payment instructions at either:

Apprentice Membership Puppy Kindergarten Application, or

Apprentice Membership Beginning Obedience Application