Intro to Scentwork Exterior

​Joyce Charron

Building A

Building B

Ring 1
Ring 2
Ring 3

Small Agility Practice ring
7:00 PM

Rally Run Thru

Tori Evans

Competition Obedience

Tricia Brown

Tommy Rhyne

Small Agility Practice Ring

8:00 PM

Advanced Beginners

Cher Lee

Smal Agility Practice Ring


Building A opens at 5:45

Building B opens at 5:45

*Class requires pre-registraion - go to Sign Up Genius to sign up for class

​$ Juniors are welcome to attend this class

6pm Bldg A - Beginning Novice: This class will focus on the exercises forBeginning Novice (BN) title in obedience (class limit is 12)

​                     Off leash Control:  This class is to help dosgs learn to respond reliably to basic commands when offleash or in highly distracting environments.                                      Special emphasis is placed on the dog'sexiting come, sit, down, and stay ommands while a new "by-me" (stay in my vicinity although not necessarily                            in heel position) command is taught.  This class will benefit those handlers who cannot currently partiipate in the many dog sports that require their                         dogs to be off lead or want them to be albe to have the freedom of being off leashin supervised safe circumstanced. (ckass limit is 15)

7pm Bldg A - Novice: Class will focus on preparing handler and dog for Novice obedience. (classs limit is 12)

7pm Bldg B - Heeling In a Bottle Applications: Advanced level Heeling in A Bottle class that applies the 50 Maneuvers/Adjustments learned in the first class to fun                            drills and obedience heeling sequences. (class limit is 16) Prereqisite: A successfully completed Heeling inA Bottle class.

8pm Bldg A - Confirmation: This class prepares handlers to show dogs in the breed ring (class limit is 18)

8pm Bldg B - Advanced Beginners:​ This class prepares handlers for CGC (class limit is 12)

​                        Reliable Reall & Obedience Footwork: This class will focus on training a solid recall. In addition,class will work on proper footwork for obedience                                    competition. (calss limit is 15)

​Columbus All-Breed Training Club

Ring 1
Ring 2
Ring 3
7:00 PM

Small open Ring

Beginners Obedience

8:00 PM


​Jeanne Buente

Small open Ring


Mona Aasmul



​Rose Dunn



Rose Dunn


​​On site Assistant Director of Training (ADOT): Mona Aasmul & Cher Lee  

Classes run Aug 8-Sept 19, 2023

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* pre-registration required